Two Year Split Screen: Where GOP Failed, POTUS Delivered

On the two year anniversary of President Biden and Vice President Harris being sworn into office, the contrast couldn’t be any starker between Democrats delivering for the American people and Republicans pushing their extreme agenda onto working families. 

Let’s compare the track records: While President Biden and Democrats used their first two years to deliver for working families, Trump and Republicans used their time during 2017 and 2018 passing tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and big corporations, caving to Big Pharma and doing nothing to lower prescription drugs costs, failing to deliver on their promises like passing infrastructure legislation, and trying to rip away millions of Americans’ health care.

During the very first year of the Trump-Pence administration, Republicans gifted massive tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy, lining the pockets of big corporations and the rich shareholders. But now, thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, the wealthiest corporations will finally start to pay their fair share.

New York Magazine (May 2019): “Study Finds Trump Tax Cuts Failed to Do Anything But Give Rich People Money”

Rolling Stone (October 2020): “Contrary to all of Trump’s assurances, his tax bill generated a windfall to the 1 percent. ‘It’s the continuance of 40 years of upward siphoning of the nation’s wealth to a tiny elite,” says [Brown University political economist Mark] Blyth. Income-tax cuts generated an extra $50,0000 a year for America’s highest earners. But the real benefit, $1.35 trillion, went to corporations — and by extension to their top executives and shareholders.”

Center for American Progress: “The [Inflation Reduction Act] closes tax loopholes exploited by large corporations that currently pay little or no tax and by wealthy investment fund managers. It also cracks down on tax dodging, especially by the wealthy, which currently accounts for the largest share of unpaid taxes.”

Under Donald Trump, “infrastructure week” was only a talking point. Under President Biden’s leadership, “infrastructure decade” is already becoming a reality.

CNN (May 2019): “No fewer than seven times – including this very week – has Trump’s White House declared that its chosen theme of a week would be infrastructure – only to see those plans thwarted, often by the President himself.”

The Washington Post (January 2023): “Throughout the past year, the Biden administration has awarded hundreds of smaller grants that will help to shape streets and transit lines across the country. In announcing the latest round of grants, officials are betting on projects that are likely to be the core of the infrastructure law’s legacy.

“The Brent Spence Bridge is among about a dozen major projects to receive federal money in recent days, offering a boost for the nation’s ailing spans, a massive rail project and an interstate crossing in a major metropolitan area that has suffered from decades of neglect.”

Donald Trump, Mike Pence and MAGA Republicans presided over the single worst jobs record of any administration since the Great Depression. But in just two short years, the economy has created 11 million jobs under President Biden—including 750,000 manufacturing jobs.

Fortune (January 2021): “Trump to leave office with the worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover”

New York Times (September 2022): “​​Factory Jobs Are Booming Like It’s the 1970s”

Under Trump, MAGA Republicans repeatedly tried to gut the Affordable Care Act and rip away protections for millions of Americans with preexisting conditions. President Biden and Democrats, on the other hand, delivered legislation to lower prescription drug costs and lock in lower health care costs.

CNN (October 2018): “Premiums could have dropped even more across the board without changes made by the Trump administration, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis. Congress’ elimination of the penalty, Trump’s ending of the cost-sharing subsidies and the administration’s expansion of Obamacare alternatives are pushing up the benchmark silver plan’s premium by 16%.”

Vox (February 2020): “The bad news for people with preexisting conditions is that this ‘ironclad pledge’ is a lie. Trump and his administration have fought hard — in all three branches of government — to strip people with preexisting health conditions of the protections they enjoy under the Affordable Care Act. Indeed, if Trump has his way, those protections will cease to exist.”

New York Times (January 2023): “Some provisions took effect on Jan. 1; others will phase in over several years. ‘Collectively, these represent substantial out-of-pocket cost savings, especially for those who use expensive drugs,’ said Juliette Cubanski, deputy director of the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Medicare policy program. They could also bolster Medicare by reducing its spending.”

In their first two years, Donald Trump and Mike Pence worked hand-in-hand with Senate Republicans as they appointed extreme, conservative justices to the United States Supreme Court who then helped overturn Roe v. Wade. 

Donald Trump: “Nobody has ever done more for right to life than Donald Trump. I put three Supreme Court justices who all voted, and they got something that they’ve been fighting for for 64 years.”

Mike Pence: “Thanks to three Supreme Court justices confirmed by our administration, the American people have been given a new beginning for life.”

As if their extreme MAGA agenda wasn’t bad enough, Donald Trump and his GOP lackeys shut down the government not once, but TWICE because of their basic inability to govern. The second shutdown in 2018, the longest in United States history, resulted in more than 800,000 federal workers missing paychecks.

USA Today (December 2018): “MERRY CHRISTMAS!: Government enters shutdown after Trump border-wall demands leave Congress in gridlock”

The contrast couldn’t be more clear: President Biden and Democrats deliver for the American people. MAGA Republicans put special interests first and have left working families behind.