Update from the Chair

At this point, it seems pretty obvious: The Republican Party is a mess. Their presumptive nominee for president is nothing more than a divisive bully—and the other candidates weren’t much better. Every candidate was promoting a cruel and destructive agenda that would ruin the social and economic progress we’ve made in the last seven years. A GOP win this November—in the White House, in Congress, or both—would spell disaster for our country.

This is the most important election in our lifetime. It comes at a time when our country is at a crossroads, divided over health care reform, LGBT equality, immigration and fare wages. That’s why your partnership means so much right now. We need you, and all of our fellow Democrats, to play a part in electing the best candidates this November that will support the ideals that we hold dear.

I sincerely appreciate your generosity and support. I know you will continue to stay with us to the finish line this November.