UPDATED: DNC Chair Perez: Trump’s Tone Can’t Mask His Broken Promises

WASHINGTON – DNC Chair Tom Perez issued the following statement after President Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress:

“Some want to give Trump credit for getting through his prepared remarks tonight without causing a scandal.  But you don’t give your kids extra credit for eating without spilling their food. What we saw tonight is a man in a suit reading off a teleprompter filled with more broken promises.

“In his first address to Congress, Trump bragged about ‘draining the swamp’ after filling his cabinet with Wall Street billionaires and Washington insiders. He promised to fight for working people after rolling back regulations on the big banks and making it harder for families to afford mortgages. And he pledged to make America safer while pushing an unconstitutional, illegal Muslim ban that security experts agree only make it easier for terrorists to recruit more people to their cause.

“This was nothing but Steve Bannon on steroids with a smile. Trump may have tried to trick the American people, but we're smart enough not to buy it.”