USA Today: DNC official: We all need to get serious about election security. You too, Republicans.

By DNC Chief Security Officer Bob Lord


From candidates to voters, we're vulnerable to cyber attacks. Here are ways you can make it harder for foreign adversaries to disrupt US elections.


Cybersecurity is on everyone's mind as we approach the 2018 midterm elections. We’re reading articles about everything from the challenges of securing voter machines, to new phrases like “computational propaganda” and “influence operations,” to Trump not doing enough to hold Russia accountable and Republicansrefusing to provide necessary election security funding.


Here at Democratic Party headquarters, we know firsthand the damage wreaked by a cyber intrusion. We strongly believe our democracy will not be protected from the threat of foreign adversaries until Republicans join Democrats to take action.


Still, the DNC is not waiting for the cavalry to show up. We are doing everything we can right now to ensure our elections are safe and secure. We’re trying to better understand these issues and find solutions to not only protect ourselves, but to help campaigns and state parties do the same. The DNC is partnering with experts to help shape our thinking across the spectrum of security-related topics. We’ve also offered better resources and guidance to our own staffers and opened up lines of communication with candidates, state parties, and the rest of the Democratic infrastructure.