Vaccine Requirements Work…So Why Are Republicans Trying to Stop Them?

From airlines to sports teams, private businesses have implemented their own vaccine requirements to tackle the pandemic, protect their customers and employees, and bring this pandemic to an end — and they’re working. Every day, thousands of Americans are getting vaccinated, bringing us closer to the end of this pandemic, and yet national Republicans continue to side with COVID and make clear they are the pro-sickness, anti-vaccine party.

Across the board, businesses that are implementing their own vaccine requirements are seeing skyrocketing vaccination rates.

  • Fox5 Las Vegas: “6K+ people got first COVID-19 vaccine dose to attend Raiders game at Allegiant Stadium”
  • John Berman: “JUST NOW: ‘Single digits.’

“United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby on the number of resignations they have had so far over vaccine requirements. Single digits as 90% have been vaccinated.”

  • Lara Seligman: “Wow – @PentagonPresSec says as of today just under 88 % of the active duty force now have received at least one dose of the Covid vaccine. That’s an additional 11.5 % since the mandate went into effect.”
  • New York Times: “Agencies That Required Vaccines Before Biden’s Push See Early Success”
  • Bloomberg: “Delta Air Says New Covid Policy Is Boosting Worker Vaccinations”

Yet, the Republican National Committee and other Republican leaders continue to fight against these proven methods to combat the vaccine.

  • Zeke Miller: “RNC fundraising email: “We plan to launch a massive lawsuit to STOP forced vaccination and we need YOUR help.”
  • Kevin McCarthy: “NO VACCINE MANDATES.”