Vast Majority Of Americans Support Common-Sense Gun Reforms

New polling this weekend continues to show the overwhelming majority of Americans support stricter gun laws and enacting common-sense gun reforms to ensure a tragedy like the Parkland school shooting never happens again.


 Trump and the NRA are both increasingly unpopular:


  • A plurality of Americans disapproves of the NRA, with the organization hitting its worst rating in more than two decades.



Vast majority of Americans favor stricter gun laws:


  • 70% of Americans support stricter gun laws, up 18 points since October.


  • 52% say they “strongly” favor stricter gun laws, well above the previous high of 37%.


  • Even a majority of gun-owning households (57%) support stricter gun laws.


  • By a 2-1 margin (64-32%), Americans say the government and society can take action to prevent mass shootings, a major shift from October when more said they would happen regardless (47-49%).


Americans want common-sense gun reforms:


  • By almost a 2-1 margin (61-33%), Americans say tightening gun laws and background checks would prevent more mass shootings.


  • 63% support a ban on the sale and possession of high-capacity or extended ammunition magazines.


  • 71% support preventing people under age 21 from buying any type of gun.