Vice President Harris Announces $25 Million Expansion of DNC’s ‘I Will Vote’ Initiative

Today, Vice President Harris announced a dramatic expansion of the Democratic National Committee’s ‘I Will Vote’ initiative to address and overcome efforts across the country to make voting more difficult and burdensome. The DNC will invest $25 million in voter education, voter protection, targeted voter registration, and technology to make voting more accessible and to fight back against Republicans’ unprecedented voter suppression efforts.  

“Today, I am pleased to announce that the Democrats are making a $25 million investment to expand the ‘I Will Vote’ campaign. This campaign is grounded in the firm belief that everyone’s vote matters. … The people must be able, without hindrance, without obstacle, to decide our country’s future,” said Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Republicans know that their policies are unpopular — and that the only way for them to hold on to power is to attack the constitutional right to vote, held by the people they swore to serve. That’s why the Republican Party has made outrageous efforts to keep people from voting. But all across the country — from Democratic state legislators in Texas to the DNC’s recent case before the Supreme Court — Democrats have shown we are fighters and we will not give up our right to vote. I’ve said time and again that the ‘D’ in Democrat stands for deliver, and today we are delivering innovative and historic resources to protect this fundamental part of our democracy,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison.

The whole-of-party effort by the Biden-Harris team demonstrates its unprecedented commitment to innovation at the DNC and across the Democratic Party. Most importantly, this initiative will deploy every asset available at the regional, state, and local levels to ensure we are communicating directly with potential voters about their rights and the rules around voting. 

Below are key components of the ‘I Will Vote’ expansion. The $25 million announced today is in addition to the initial $20 million investment that Chair Harrison has already announced the DNC will make before the general election in 2022 and does not reflect the totality of our midterm commitment.

  • VOTER REGISTRATIONThe ‘I Will Vote’ expansion will include millions in funding, including with partners, to register voters, a reflection of the Biden-Harris team’s commitment to those who are doing some of the strongest work on the ground in communities that deeply need additional investment.

    As we fight back against some of the most egregious attacks on voters and voting rights in decades, it’s critically important that the party apparatus also invest in targeted voter registration efforts where specific needs are identified, where voters from particular backgrounds have been targeted with difficult registration requirements, or where states have made it more difficult for nonprofit organizations to be involved. 

  • VOTER PROTECTION ‘I Will Vote’ will fund the largest Voter Protection team ever assembled at the DNC, which for the first time will include state-level coverage and analytics capacity.

    The Biden-Harris team and the DNC have a strong history of fighting to protect the right to vote, using the courts to ensure access to the polls, and defending the rights of voters, including numerous lawsuits brought to mitigate election laws that disproportionately affect people of color. In the wake of the 2020 election, we also worked to defeat challenges to the validity of the election. We will continue to use litigation as a tool to protect voters and to support our democracy. 

  • VOTER EDUCATION: The DNC will commit millions to television and digital advertising, especially digital communications, to better educate voters on how to participate — how to register and where and when to vote. In an effort to reach new and younger voters and diverse constituencies, the DNC will partner with social media creators across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok to highlight what President Biden and Democrats have achieved, and what they can do to help elect Democrats up and down the ballot.
  • TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY:  The Biden-Harris team will fund the largest tech team in the history of the DNC. The team will use data and other tools to identify and contact voters affected by suppression efforts and voter roll purges, to ensure that all eligible voters have the information they need to cast a ballot. These investments will make sure that staff across the country have easy-to use-and actionable information on voters who have been moved to inactive lists or removed from voter rolls.