Vice President Harris Hits Local Airwaves to Get Out the Vote

The vice president called into local radio stations in Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

With just under four weeks until the midterm elections, Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with local radio stations across the country this week to talk to listeners about what is at stake this November.

In Georgia: WVEE: Vice President Kamala Harris on the Power of Voting, Biden-Harris Accomplishments

Vice President Harris: “I cannot stress enough folks remembering the power of the people. It’s your power. It’s your power. You go to vote, it’s like putting in your order.”

In Michigan: WDET: Vice President Harris Talks 2022 Stakes and Democrats Delivering for Michigan Despite Republican Opposition

Vice President Harris: “We passed a tax cut for working families, which means they get up to $8,000 more money in their pocket to pay for medicine and food and school supplies for their kids. And let me just tell you something, not only did we do that — in the most recent bill that we passed, we have lowered health care costs.”

In Minnesota: WCCO: Vice President Kamala Harris discusses November elections and 2024 race

Vice President Harris: “What’s at stake in this election? What’s at stake is whether we undo a ruling by the Supreme Court that just took a constitutional right from the people of America — from the women of America. The president is clear: if we have two more senators in the United States Senate he will pass the Women’s Health Protection Act and undo these laws that have basically put government in charge of women’s bodies. There’s a lot at stake in this election and I just ask people to look at the last time they voted to know it really made a difference.”

In Nevada: KCEP: Vice President Kamala Harris discusses importance of voting in Nevada this November

Vice President Harris: “That race in Nevada for Catherine Cortez Masto is so important and she’s got to win. Because we have got to get to a place where we have enough senators so the president can sign into law a bill that says a woman has the right to make decisions about her own body and that we trust women to know what’s in their best interest instead of their government telling them what to do with their body.”

In Pennsylvania: KYW: Vice President Kamala Harris Talks Democrats’ Accomplishments, What’s at Stake in Pennsylvania Senate Race

Vice President Harris: “So much hangs in the balance. I believe he [John Fetterman] will represent the state of Pennsylvania extraordinarily well. And he can help change the balance in the United States Senate in a way that we can actually pass legislation at a national level that will protect the right of women to make decisions about their own bodies and not have their government do it and will protect voting rights in America.”

In Wisconsin: WNOV: Vice President Kamala Harris Outlines the Stakes of the Wisconsin Midterm Elections

Vice President Harris: “Black folks are 60 percent more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes. And insulin — we have far too many, especially of our seniors that I’ve met, who are trying to make decisions about whether they can afford their insulin or afford rent. Capping it at $35 a month, things like that that we did, not one Republican in the Senate voted for it. Not one. So when we have greater numbers, we can do more good work, knowing — sadly — that there are a lot of folks, sadly, who are in the Senate right now who are not participating in solutions and only want to talk about problems. And that again is why I can’t emphasize enough the importance of Mandela Barnes being elected.”