Vice President Harris Hits Local Radio to Get Out The Vote

This week, the vice president called into local radio stations in Georgia and Wisconsin to outline the stakes of the midterm elections

With just under one week until the midterm elections, Vice President Kamala Harris is hitting the airwaves on local radio stations to talk directly to listeners about what is at stake this November and encourage voters to vote early. 

In Georgia: WALR: Vice President Harris Discusses Early Voting, John Lewis on the Frank Ski Show with Nina Brown

Vice President Harris: “True to the tradition and the history of Atlanta, I am thanking everyone in advance for voting this cycle. Let’s not ever let anybody take our power from us.”

In Wisconsin: WGKB: Vice President Harris on the Stakes of the Midterms, Biden-Harris Accomplishments

Vice President Harris: “I’m asking you to reach out to the young adults in your life and remind them about why this is so important. Mandela Barnes is the son of a third shift auto worker and a public school teacher and he is running to lower costs and to represent the state of Wisconsin and Milwaukee in a way that, I think, that the folks in Milwaukee and Wisconsin deserve.”