VIDEO: DNC Voter Rights Commission Slams Trump Voter Suppression Efforts

Today at the DNC, the Commission to Protect American Democracy from the Trump Administration explained why the Trump’s sham voter suppression commission is designed to misinform Americans and the steps that Democrats will take to fight back. 

Click HERE to watch today’s press conference.  Here’s a few highlights from today’s speakers:


Jason Kander: “[Trump’s voter integrity commission] started with the biggest lie that a sitting President has ever told. When President Trump—at the time President-elect Trump—said that three to five million illegal voters had voted in the election.”


Terri Sewell: “We here on this commission—the DNC’s commission—we here will make sure that the voices of the excluded are not always the voices of the voiceless. We plan to be that voice. And I can tell you, President Trump, that we will be watching your commission. We will be making sure your commission stays on task because there are integrity issues with our election process. But voter fraud is not the problem. It truly is voter suppression.”


Alex Padilla: “Don’t investigate the American people. Investigate Russia. The intelligence community is unanimous and clear in their findings that Russians interfered in the 2016 presidential election. And every day that goes by that the President and his administration continues to deny it, is one day less that we have to prepare for the 2018 elections and to maximize the security and integrity of elections going forward.”


Joaquin Castro: “Voting should not be an obstacle course. The problem we have in the United States of America is not that too many people vote too often. It’s that not enough people vote in each of our elections.”


The DNC launched their voting rights commission this May in order to combat the Trump administration’s voter fraud misinformation campaign by debunking the myth of widespread voter fraud, demonstrating the difficulty of voting in areas affected by voter suppression, and highlighting and promoting best practices that make voting easier.  The commission was created in response to the real threat to democracy posed by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.