VIDEO: Trump ‘Doesn’t Care About All The People That Are Out Of Work’

Today, federal workers did not receive their paychecks, and tomorrow, the Trump Shutdown will become the longest government shutdown in history. Watch the video below to see how Trump’s temper tantrum is devastating America.



John Berman: “21 days. 800,000 federal workers, they will not get a paycheck today.”

Poppy Harlow: “Zero dollars, zero cents showing up today on paychecks.”


John Dickerson: “Tomorrow it will become the longest in U.S. history.”

Richard Hernandez: “I live paycheck to paycheck, personally. I can’t afford to go missing paychecks.”


Jean King: “I just had to borrow money from my neighbor so I could pay my utility bills.”

Reporter: “What is your message to the president?”

Jean King: “I’m sorry, but he doesn’t care about all the people that are out of work and then are not going to get paid.”

Erenner Stiles: “It’s greatly impacting me to the point where I don’t sleep at night. All my bills are due next week, I have a mortgage that I have to pay.”

Shelby Harris: “I’m 45 years old, and I shouldn’t have to pawn my belongings to pay for medication.”

Ashley Totten: “Knowing that at any given moment he [son] — sorry. He could have open-heart surgery. So how are we going to pay for the gas to get us to the medical center if that happens for him? A paycheck shouldn’t be what we’re worrying about when he should be my focus.”