VIDEO: Trump’s Biggest Health Care Lies

On the ten year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, the DNC War Room released a new video highlighting the worst of Trump’s broken promises about health care. Trump said he would improve health care, boost coverage, lower costs, and protect people with preexisting conditions — none of that was true. In fact, he’s done the opposite.


TRUMP’S LIE: “You’re gonna end up with great health care for a fraction of the price immediately after we go in.”

THE TRUTH: Wall Street Journal: “The number of Americans without health insurance climbed to 27.5 million in 2018, according to federal data that show the first year-to-year increase in a decade, before the Affordable Care Act began reducing the ranks of the uninsured.”

TRUMP’S LIE: “There are so many great things we can do on health care — so many great things. And it’ll cost you much less money and it will be great.”

THE TRUTH: CNN: “Premiums could have dropped even more across the board without changes made by the Trump administration, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis. Congress’ elimination of the penalty, Trump’s ending of the cost-sharing subsidies and the administration’s expansion of Obamacare alternatives are pushing up the benchmark silver plan’s premium by 16%.”

TRUMP’S LIE: “Preexisting in one form or another, we’re going to, because I happen to like that, so we’re going to be able to keep that.”

THE TRUTH: Vox: “The bad news for people with preexisting conditions is that this ‘ironclad pledge’ is a lie. Trump and his administration have fought hard — in all three branches of government — to strip people with preexisting health conditions of the protections they enjoy under the Affordable Care Act. Indeed, if Trump has his way, those protections will cease to exist.”

TRUMP’S LIE: “We will come up with health care plans that will be phenomenal — phenomenal, that will be less expensive.”

THE TRUTH: Associated Press: “3 years in, no sign of Trump’s replacement for Obamacare”