Virginia Republicans to Blame for 64% in Premium Increases

In response to two of Virginia’s health insurers significantly increasing premiums, by as much as 64 percent, Deputy Communications Director Sabrina Singh released the following statement:


“The Trump administration and Virginia Republicans, including Reps. Barbara Comstock, Tom Garrett, Dave Brat and Scott Taylor, are directly responsible for Virginians seeing their premiums skyrocket and millions more Americans being left uninsured. Since Donald Trump took office, more than 4 million Americans have become uninsured and Virginians will only see their rates increase from Republicans' continued health care sabotage. 

“While Republicans give tax breaks away to the top 1% and try to undermine the Affordable Care Act, Democrats will continue to fight protect the law because we believe health care is a right for all not a privilege for a few. Health care remains one of the most important issues​ facing Americans right now and Virginians will hold Republicans accountable this November.”