Voters Want To Extend Unemployment Benefits & Provide More Relief To States — Republicans Disagree

A new poll shows that voters in key swing states overwhelmingly want to extend unemployment benefits and provide additional relief to state and local governments — neither of which are included in the Senate Republican stimulus bill. Instead, Republicans have proposed doubling the “three-martini-lunch deduction,” billions for military weaponry, and nearly $2 billion for a new FBI HQ that could benefit Trump’s hotel.

A vast majority of swing-state voters support extending unemployment benefits and providing relief for state and local governments.

CNBC: “A majority, or 62%, of voters in those states support extending the $600 per week enhanced federal unemployment insurance, the poll found. Only 36% oppose continuing the benefit, which states stopped paying out last week.”

CNBC: “Meanwhile, 68% of voters support relief for state and local governments facing budget shortfalls due to the pandemic, versus 28% who oppose the aid, the poll found.”

Republicans managed to find $8 billion for military weaponry in their coronavirus relief bill — yet they want to cut unemployment benefits.

Associated Press: “The Republican measure includes billions for F-35 fighters, Apache helicopters and infantry carriers sought by Washington’s powerful defense lobby. Overall, the proposal stuffs $8 billion into Pentagon weapons systems built by defense contractors like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics — corporate titans that sit atop the Washington influence industry.”

Washington Post: “Senate Republicans’ new $1 trillion coronavirus stimulus package would restore hundreds of millions of dollars in Pentagon spending that the Trump administration redirected to help pay for building President Trump’s border wall. Projects involving Navy aircraft and ships and Air Force planes that the Trump administration canceled this year so the money could pay for the wall have reappeared in the GOP package.”

Republicans refused to include new funding for food assistance but they had enough money to double the tax deduction for business meals.

Washington Post: “Although the Senate GOP proposal offers no new funds for SNAP and Pandemic EBT, it does double the tax deduction for business meals, known as the ‘three-martini-lunch deduction,’ increasing the reimbursement from 50 percent to 100 percent of meals.”

Trump doubled down on his insistence on nearly $2 billion for construction of a new FBI headquarters that could benefit his hotel.

CNN’s Manu Raju: “Trump reiterates there should be a new FBI building near DOJ – or renovate existing building. Keeping it on same plot would keep a new hotel away to prevent competition with his hotel. Trump says commute would be too long if it moved to MD and VA suburbs. Wants it in covid bill”