“Voting Is Your Voice:” DNC Launches New Digital Video Featuring Michigan Nursing Home Worker

Today, the Democratic National Committee released a new digital video featuring Trece Andrews, a nursing home worker and union stewardess in Michigan.

In the video, Andrews discusses why she’s helping turn out voters for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, highlighting how she and her coworkers have had to fight for their own safety amidst Donald Trump’s chaotic pandemic response, particularly due to inadequate access to personal protective equipment even as coronavirus cases spike in nursing homes.

“It’s a good feeling to be able to do something like that and jump right into the election and be a part of getting people out to vote,” said Andrews in the video. “Voting is your voice. If y’all all on the same page, want the same thing, want the same changes, all we gotta do is stick together. When you vote, we win.”

The video directs viewers to IWillVote.com — Democrats’ comprehensive voter participation website — to find out more about their voting options and make a plan to vote.