Wait, Who’s Going to CPAC?

Next weekend, extreme MAGA Republicans will gather in Dallas, Texas for the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Standing alongside Donald Trump and Ted Cruz will be the extreme, far-right Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. 

Viktor Orban is known for homophobic, racist, and anti-immigrant comments. The extreme MAGA GOP praises him and embraces his harmful ideologies. 

Associated Press: “Orban’s appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where he’ll be joined by former President Donald Trump and right-wing icons such as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., is the most dramatic indication yet of how a leader criticized for pushing anti-democratic principles has become a hero to segments of the Republican Party.”

Rolling Stone: “The 2022 [CPAC] will play host to Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. The most influential Republican ideas conference lending the podium to Europe’s most notorious nationalist is yet another troubling sign of the right’s embrace of authoritarianism.”

Just last weekend, Obran made “pure Nazi” comments on mixing races to supporters at a conference similar to CPAC in Romania. 

Axios: “Speaking Saturday at an annual event in Romania — where he famously declared in 2014 his intent to build an ‘illiberal state’ within the European Union — Orbán asserted that migration ‘has split the West in two.’”

Washington Post: “Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is facing backlash after a speech arguing that Europeans should not ‘become peoples of mixed race,’ although the far-right leader is still slated to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas next week.”

CNN: “Hungary’s hardline nationalist leader Viktor Orban is facing international condemnation after making remarks on race and multiculturalism that were slammed as a ‘pure Nazi text’ by his longtime aide.”

Make no mistake. CPAC knows exactly who Viktor Orban is and the message he promotes. That’s why CPAC kept him in their event’s lineup AFTER he made these comments. 

Bloomberg: “‘Let’s listen to the man speak,’ Matt Schlapp, chair of CPAC, said in an interview at the America First Policy Institute summit in Washington.”

Rolling Stone: “The conservative idolization of Orbán’s grip on power relies on the acceptance of the Hungarian backslide into autocratic rule, and Orbán’s administration of Hungary has provided a playbook for Republicans trying to fashion the same kind of oppressive, nationalist state out of America. Orbán even unveiled a literal playbook for other nations to emulate his administration during his appearance at the Budapest edition of CPAC. He’ll bring it to America in person this August.”

Viktor Orban, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and others speaking at CPAC are pushing the same extreme agenda. As these individuals gather in Texas next week, it’s critical Americans know what is at stake.