Warren, Perez: Trump’s Campaign Promises Meant ‘Nothing’

Today, Senator Elizabeth Warren and DNC Chair Tom Perez kicked off a five-week sprint by the DNC War Room to frame Trump’s record as a complete failure by almost any measure. The press call followed the launch of a new one-minute television and digital ad entitled “Descent” on the five-year anniversary of Trump’s campaign launch.

“Since the moment he came gliding down that escalator in Trump Tower, Donald Trump has proven that he cares about one thing and one thing only: Donald Trump. There’s a reason for that,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren. “Donald Trump grew up in New York City in a 23-room, nine-bathroom mansion. By the time he was three-years-old, Donald Trump was getting a $200,000 a year allowance from his father’s real estate empire. In total, he got nearly half a billion dollars from his daddy’s empire. Before he became a reality TV host, Donald Trump spent most of his career running his companies into bankruptcy — stiffing small businesses and hurting his workers.”

“Donald Trump’s first and only term has been driven by his ego. It has been defined by his inexperience and ineffectiveness. He’s just not up to the task, and he will be remembered for his divisiveness, his hatred, his chronic ineffectiveness,” said DNC Chair Tom Perez. “By any measure, America is worse off because of Donald Trump.”