WATCH: Chair Harrison Highlights Democrats’ Efforts To Defend Choice

Today, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison joined Morning Joe to highlight the energy and activism of voters across the country in response to the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade, and how the DNC and Democrats across country are  mobilizing and organizing volunteers to protect the right to an abortion through a new website,


DNC Chair Jaime Harrison: “I think we are seeing right now an energy and an activism – particularly amongst women – that we have not seen since the election of Donald Trump and the Women’s March. You know, what we are seeing is that we have this joint effort with the DCCC and the DSCC, we’ve built out this website called and we are seeing a record number of activists sign up. Because they want to make phone calls, they want to send text messages. They want to do everything within their power in order to make sure that we enact change and we secure their right to control their own bodies.”