WATCH: Chair Perez: “This president doesn’t have a plan for the coronavirus.”

Yesterday, on “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” DNC Chair Tom Perez said the president has no plan to combat the multiple crises our country is facing. “We’re a country in crisis. This president doesn’t have a plan for the coronavirus. […] People want leadership that will get us out of these crises,” said Chair Perez.

Perez also encouraged voters to make a plan to vote. “We are telling everyone, make a plan. Go to and get out there and vote. That is how we win. I think we will have record turnout this year,” he said. With more than 28 million Americans who have already cast their ballots, Democrats are taking nothing for granted, no matter the polls. “I always tell our team, ‘don’t get on the pollercoaster.’ We’ve seen polls that are promising but the only polls that count are the polls after Election Day, the results after Election Day. There is not an iota of complacency on the Biden team. We are all sprinting to the finish line. We know it’s going to be close,” said Perez.

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