WATCH: DNC Chair Jaime Harrison Slams Pence’s Extremism Ahead of Iowa Visit

Earlier today, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison hosted a press call ahead of Mike Pence’s visit to Iowa, calling out Pence and the MAGA Republicans he has endorsed — like GOP congressional candidate Zach Nunn — for pushing an extreme, anti-choice agenda.


“Pence wants to criminalize abortion and further restrict access to reproductive health care for thousands of Iowans, and he has even gone so far as to call for [a nationwide] ban on abortion. This is an agenda that Republicans in Iowa and across the country have fully, fully embraced… The candidates Pence has come here to campaign with, like Chuck Grassley and Zach Nunn, also support the most extreme anti-abortion policies that the Republican Party is pushing — they’re championing an agenda that would make abortion illegal with no exceptions for rape or incest,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “The choice this November is crystal clear, folks: While Democrats lower health care costs for working families, fight to protect reproductive freedom, and invest in Iowa communities, Republicans are more focused on taking us backwards on abortion than making progress on the issues Iowans care about.”