WATCH: DNC Chair Perez Emphasizes Importance of Getting Out the Vote

This weekend, DNC Chair Tom Perez and RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel hit the airwaves, with starkly different visions of the political climate less than 60 days before Election Day. While Perez focused on the issues facing voters and emphasized the importance of every American exercising their right to vote, RNC Chair McDaniel was put on defense and forced to defend Trump administration policies that are hurting working families across the country.


While DNC Chair Tom Perez touted historic Democratic turnout, McDaniel was forced to admit Democrats have more enthusiasm.


DNC Chair Tom Perez: “Progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability, Margaret. And we're working our tails off everywhere. I feel excited because we're organizing everywhere, we're fielding great candidates everywhere. You see the energy out there. Democratic turnout in [contested House primaries through June] in 2018 has been up 84 percent from 2014 .”


RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: “Democrats have energy right now… And they’re coming back strong in 2018, hoping to flip the majority.”


While DNC Chair Tom Perez outlined the DNC’s strategy to flip seats in Congress, McDaniel was forced to answer questions about why Republicans might lose a Senate seat in a traditionally reliable Republican state.  


DNC Chair Tom Perez: “And people are enthusiastic because we're fighting for the issues they care about. People's health care is on the ballot. This is the most important election of our lifetime. Your health care is on the ballot. If you have pre-existing condition — that's on the ballot. Good wages are on the ballot. Education is on the ballot. Our democracy is on the ballot because this is not simply an election about right versus left. That is an election about right versus wrong.”


RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel:  “On the House, we have a lot of seats on the margin. Absolutely, we've had unprecedented amount of retirements and that has made it harder in some of these swing districts. But right now I say it’s 50-50.”


Margaret Brennan to RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: “There was a recording at the  ‘Journal’ and the ‘New York Times’ both had there also saying that Mick Mulvaney said there's a very real possibility that Senator Ted Cruz may lose his race in Texas… Are you going to lose Texas?”