WATCH: DNC, DSCC, and DCCC Chairs Hold Press Call Ahead of One Year Anniversary of Dobbs Ruling 

Today, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison, DSCC Chair Gary Peters, and DCCC Chair Suzan DelBene held a press call to highlight MAGA Republicans’ attacks on reproductive freedom in the year since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The committee chairs discussed the stakes of the 2024 elections up and down the ballot for abortion access across the country.


“Democrats under the leadership of President Biden and vice versa have doubled down on our commitment to defending reproductive rights and restoring roe. The President has called on Congress to codify Roe v. Wade, making it the law of the land and restoring the rights women have relied on for 50 years,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “I’ve got a message for these Republicans. We’re just getting started, folks, the stakes in this next election could not be higher. While these Republicans are in a race to see who can have the most extreme anti-abortion platform. One thing is for certain, the American people have repeatedly repeatedly rejected these extremists and their extreme MAGA agenda,  and they will do it again in 2024, regardless of who is the GOP nominee, and continue to elect Democrats up and down a ballot, who will fight tooth and nail for the freedoms that we hold dear to our hearts.” 

“Let’s be clear about what is happening in the Republican Party right now: Extremists in the House – and those who are too weak to stand up to them – are doing everything they can to restrict reproductive freedom … In 2024, the threat to abortion rights nationwide will be clearer than ever. House Republicans will not stop until they ban abortion nationwide. And this extremism on reproductive freedoms will cost Republicans the House majority,” said DCCC Chair Suzan DelBene. “We are going to ensure that we disqualify each and every Republican in these states for their stances on abortion. Voters want representatives that will fight for their reproductive freedom.”

“This issue will be on the ballot in 2024 in all of our Senate races. If you just look at the last cycle in 2022, there was no question that the decision made in the Dobbs case — taking away a fundamental right from women all across this country — was met with a large increase in voter turnout as women and others showed up to make sure that their voice was heard and push back on the extreme positions taken by Republican candidates… It’s very clear to Americans, if you’re voting for a Republican for the United States Senate, they are likely to push a national abortion ban, which will have an impact on you, regardless of the state in which you live. We will not let Republicans run from this issue,” said DSCC Chair Senator Gary Peters.