WATCH: DNC, Leader Soucy Slam Pence and Cotton Ahead of New Hampshire Visits

Today, DNC Deputy Executive Director Roger Lau and New Hampshire State Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy held a press call blasting Mike Pence and Tom Cotton for their extreme, anti-choice agendas ahead of their visits to the Granite State later this week. Leader Soucy also called out the New Hampshire GOP for embracing extremists like Cotton and Pence.


“This week… Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Tom Cotton will be coming to the Granite State and they’re going to be bringing an extreme, out-of-touch agenda to strip reproductive freedoms, ban abortion, and criminalize doctors,” DNC Deputy Executive Director Roger Lau said. “This is who the New Hampshire GOP lifts up as a model Republican. This is the brand of extremism they’ve committed themselves to… The people of New Hampshire can’t afford Republicans’ extreme agenda.”

“The [New Hampshire GOP] is endorsing and embracing national Republicans’ all-out war on reproductive freedom,” New Hampshire State Senate Democratic Leader Donna Soucy said. “These elections from the local level to the federal delegation will now determine whether cruel new restrictions on abortion will be put in place. New Hampshire Democrats are standing shoulder to shoulder with Granite Staters in this fight, while New Hampshire Republicans and national figures like Pence and Cotton try to take our freedoms away.”