WATCH: DNC Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond: ‘I see chaos from MAGA world on the Republican side’

Today, DNC Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond called out MAGA Republicans for pushing an extreme agenda that’s out of touch with Americans across the country, including in Pennsylvania. Richmond also emphasized how Democrats are united in the fight to lower costs for families, and will ensure voters know how President Biden is continuing to deliver for them. 


DNC Senior Advisor Cedric Richmond: “I see a united Democratic Party in Pennsylvania […] And I see chaos from MAGA world on the Republican side, and it’s to be expected. But whoever prevails in that primary will be extreme. I don’t believe the people of Pennsylvania are that extreme, and I think people really see what’s on the line this November and the progress that has been made … I am convinced that Fetterman and the Biden agenda will prevail in November.


“Now, I’m at the DNC. We have great leadership with Jaime Harrison, and now we’re going to go tell the American people what we’ve been able to accomplish and why elections matter and that elections have consequences. We get to talk about all the wonderful things. It’s because we won Georgia that Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first African American woman on the Supreme Court, and we’re going to go remind people that it’s because we won Georgia.”