WATCH: DNC Vice Chair and Iowa House Minority Leader Slam MAGA GOP Field Ahead of Cattle Call with Tucker Carlson 

Today, Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Tammy Duckworth and Iowa House Minority Leader Jennifer Konfrst held a press call blasting the 2024 Republican field as candidates prepare to flock to the Iowa Family Leadership Summit to appear with Tucker Carlson just days after Iowa Republicans passed extreme legislation to ban abortion before many women even know they’re pregnant. During the call, Vice Chair Duckworth and Minority Leader Konfrst slammed MAGA Republicans’ extreme agenda of ripping away women’s freedom to make their own health care decisions and their push to ban abortion nationwide.


Read highlights from the press call below:

  • “In the year since Trump’s appointed justices overturned Roe v. Wade, MAGA Republican governors and state legislatures have scrambled, they’ve scrambled, they could not rush fast enough to jam through extreme laws that outlaw abortion, threaten doctors with prison time, and ultimately, put women’s lives at risk. Now, MAGA presidential hopefuls are running on a promise to sign a national abortion ban,” said DNC Vice Chair Tammy Duckworth. “This election will determine whether people in this country have more rights or less rights – and there is no question that every Republican candidate on stage tomorrow poses a threat to the fundamental freedoms that we hold most dear.”
  • “Donald Trump’s Supreme Court justices opened the door for these draconian restrictions that are hurting women in Iowa and across the country,” said Iowa House Minority Leader Jennifer Konfrst. “The rest of the GOP field cheerleads as women have had our rights stripped from us across the country, and Iowa is just following suit because our governor insists on listening to special interests like the FAMiLY Leader and Bob Vander Plaats instead of the majority of Iowans and 70% of Iowa women who believe that they should be able to decide what happens to their body.”