WATCH: McConnell Celebrates Overturning Roe As “Gigantic Step Forward”

In a Senate floor speech this afternoon, Mitch McConnell called the overturn of Roe “a gigantic step forward.”


What could be the next step for McConnell? He’s already told us — a national abortion ban.

The Hill: “McConnell says national abortion ban ‘possible’”

McConnell and his Republican colleagues have made their views clear. Across the country, Republicans are working to ban abortion with no exceptions for rape or incest. Americans know that Republicans are too extreme to be in power. 

NPR Pittsburgh: “Western Pa. congressman’s federal abortion-ban proposal gains support after Supreme Court ruling”

Washington Post: “Miss. lawmaker says 12-year-old incest victims should carry pregnancies to term”

CNN: “South Dakota governor defends state’s abortion ‘trigger’ ban when asked if 10-year-old should be forced to give birth”