WATCH: Real Stories of Americans Struggling with Prescription Drug Costs

Prescription drug costs in America are astronomically high and many Americans can’t afford to take the medication they need. Trump has broken his promise that there would be “massive drops” in prescription drug prices.


While Americans wait for an announcement that likely won’t come, people across the country continue to struggle with skyrocketing drug costs.


“It’s not something that's negotiable, it's not something that I’m using for fun. It's not something I can choose whether or not to use, I have to use it. It is imperative to my life. If I don't have it, I die. I don't think I should have to spend $500 a month in order to live.” – Missouri student with diabetes



Alex Smith from Minnesota rationed his insulin too. That's because his new insurance plan had a $7,600 deductible. His insulin was $1,300 a month. He died 3 days before his next paycheck.”



“I absolutely feel that the pharmaceutical industry is taking advantage of people who need their medication to stay alive. So we have two choices: we can either pay the high prices or we can die.” – Connecticut patient



“I think they have to go after the pharmaceutical companies, the president of the pharmaceutical companies, they’ve raised the price over and over and over again. And they seem to raise the price on the things that you can’t do without.” – New York mother of a daughter with diabetes



“I was walking the line because of my rationing. I was walking the line in between health and death, basically. … It’s ridiculous that in the United States, of all places, people can’t afford the things that make them healthy.” – Missouri student with diabetes