WATCH: RNC Chairwoman Stands By Donald Trump’s Praise of Putin

As Vladimir Putin bombs innocent Ukrainians, Donald Trump has spent his time publicly and shamelessly praising Vladimir Putin as “savvy” and “genius.” Now, Ronna McDaniel is the latest Republican to stand shoulder to shoulder with Trump despite his latest comments and years of cozying up to Putin.

Ronna McDaniel didn’t even tiptoe around it – she made clear that the Republican Party is incredibly supportive of Donald Trump’s positions on Russia.


 “I think the American people are really looking at President Trump right now and seeing what he did with NATO when he said: ‘Why are you buying Russian oil while we are paying for your defense?’ You see what Germany did this past weekend. He was right, he shut down Nord Stream 2, he made us energy independent. I think the American people are looking at two policy differences and recognizing that Donald Trump was absolutely on the right track when it came to Russia.” – RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

Needless to say, the Republican National Committee has not had a single word of criticism for Putin while they’ve found plenty of time to keep playing politics.

Bill Kristol: “In the last 24 hours, in the midst of an international crisis, @GOP — the official account of the Republican National Committee, i.e., of the Republican Party–has tweeted over a dozen attacks on Joe Biden. It has not chosen to say a word critical of Vladimir Putin.”

Donald Trump’s national security advisory already did his bit to debunk Ronna McDaniel’s lies about Trump’s Russia policy.

John Bolton: “[Trump] barely knew where Ukraine was…It’s just not accurate to say that Trump’s behavior somehow deterred the Russians.”