WATCH: Sen. Warren, Rep. McClellan Slam 2024 Republicans’ MAGA Agenda

Today, Biden for President National Advisory Board members Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan joined the DNC for a press call ahead of Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Mike Pence, and Vivek Ramaswamy bringing their MAGA extremism to Washington, D.C., on Friday at the Pray Vote Stand Summit and the Concerned Women Summit. 

During the call, Senator Warren and Congresswoman McClellan highlighted MAGA Republicans’ extreme anti-freedom agenda of banning abortion nationwide as well as their disastrous MAGAonomics plans to give more tax breaks to the ultra-wealthy, gut Social Security and Medicare, and push policies that could raise costs on working families.


Read highlights from the press call below:

  • “MAGA Republicans like Donald Trump and his rivals are running on a dangerous and unpopular economic agenda that is centered on slashing taxes for the wealthy, cutting Social Security for seniors, and raising costs for working families. Make no mistake — while the Republicans are shilling for special interests, it’s everyday Americans who will pay the price. The contrast is clear: MAGAnomics would put an end to the gains that President Biden has delivered,” said Biden for President National Advisory Board member Senator Elizabeth Warren. “This country works better when we fight for working families. When we stand up to special interests. When we make sure that everyone has an opportunity to get ahead. And that’s exactly what President Biden and Vice President Harris are doing every day.”
  • “Republican 2024 candidates will be in Washington trying to out-MAGA each other with extreme positions and policies that are deeply out of step with the American people. In addition to rigging the economy for the wealthy and big corporations, each one of the candidates — from Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Ron DeSantis, and Vivek Ramaswamy — have promised to advance an extreme agenda that limits Americans’ most fundamental freedoms,” said Biden for President National Advisory Board member Congresswoman Jennifer McClellan. “During last year’s midterms, the American people went to the polls and rejected MAGA Republicans’ anti-choice positions. And this year’s election in Virginia and the presidential race next year will be no different. The choice could not be more clear in this election: The health of women in America is at stake, and we cannot afford MAGA extremist leadership in Richmond, in the White House, or anywhere else.”