WATCH: Tom Perez: Democrats Have Opportunities To Win Everywhere

Last night on Cuomo Primetime, DNC Chair Tom Perez discussed how Democrats have become a 50-state party again and have opportunities to win all across the country tonight — but only if we vote!



Chair Perez: “What’s talked about less than it should be, frankly, is all the opportunities we have to win up and down the ballot in states across the country. I’m here right now in Milwaukee. I’ve been in Ohio, Florida, and Georgia in the last three, four days. And we have opportunities in all those states and then some to win governors’ seats. And these are 12-year elections. The next governor of Wisconsin, and I think it’s going to be Tony Evers, has an opportunity during the redistricting cycle to ensure that we have fair maps. And so, that’s why our focus has been on building that 50-state infrastructure. I’m proud of the fact that we’ve become a 50-state party again, and the proof is in the pudding. We’re competing in Kansas. We’re competing in Iowa. We’re competing all across this country. Places where you think Democrats couldn’t win, I mean, there’s two seats in Kansas for Congress where we’ve got a real fighting chance of winning. So that’s, to me, success is that we have this opportunity everywhere. Are there close races? Absolutely. Do people need to vote? Absolutely.”