WATCH: Tom Perez: Here’s What Trump Didn’t Mention In His SOTU

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning, DNC Chair Tom Perez discussed what Trump did not mention in his State of the Union address last night. Trump did not mention critical issues like climate change, his 35-day government shutdown, gun violence, student debt, or equal pay, and he only said one sentence on pre-existing conditions.



Chair Perez: “He fed red meat to his base. That was job one for him and he did it, and he used lies. We talked about that, there’s enough of that. To me, what was notable are three things: what was unsaid, what was undersaid, and then his use of D-Day heroes, which I’m baffled by. What was unsaid: We didn’t talk about climate. We didn’t talk about the government shutdown. I sat next to Fred Guttenberg, father of one of the victims in Parkland, who watched him ask for support, understandable support for people who had lost their loved ones. And Fred is saying, ‘when are we going to talk about gun violence? When are we going to talk about Jamie? When are we going to talk about all the other people?’ Unsaid, student debt, equal pay, all of these issues that are critical were not discussed. And then the under-discussed items: one sentence on pre-existing conditions. The number one issue in this country is health care. Let’s do a time meter on how much time he spent talking about immigration — the manufactured crisis at the border — versus what am I going to do to help the diabetic. I meet so many people with diabetes who are worried about losing their health insurance and they don’t know how the heck they’re going to pay for their exobernate cost of prescription drugs.”