WATCH: Tom Perez: ‘We have become a 50-state party once again’

Tonight on MSNBC’s Kasie DC, DNC Chair Tom Perez discussed Tuesday’s midterm elections and how the Democratic Party has “become a 50-state party once again” by working together with partner organizations and investing more in this midterm cycle than ever before.




Chair Perez: “I’m optimistic about the fact that not only do we have all these House and Senate seats in play, you see two House seats in Kansas that are in play, you’re now seeing seats in Iowa. We had two seats in play in Iowa and now Steve King’s seat is in play. But you also look at the map of governors’ races because if we want to make sure we are competitive in the House for years to come, we’ve got to win more state houses. And you look at the map of state houses that are in play, we have become a 50-state party once again. You see Kansas in play. You see Iowa in play. You see Alaska in play. You see obviously, the industrial Midwest in play. I was in Florida and Georgia, Friday and Saturday.”

Kasie Hunt:  “I’ll tell Howard Dean you said that by the way.”

Chair Perez: “And Ron Brown before him. And we from time to time have gotten away from that, Kasie. And I think we do that to our detriment. We’ve invested more in this midterm cycle than ever before. And the we is not just the DNC, it’s working together with a broader ecosystem, our partners obviously at the DCCC and the Senate committees, but also the DGA and then people in the ecosystem.”