WATCH: Trump Doubles Down On His Climate Science Denial

In his Fox & Friends interview this morning, Trump continued to deny the science of climate change and its link to wildfires that have engulfed the West Coast. Instead, he doubled down on bizarre theories about explosive trees and lied about his record, which has only led to more pollution and increased the threat of climate change.

Asked what he would do on climate change, Trump continued to deny science and instead floated a bizarre theory about explosive trees.

TRUMP: “You have forests all over the world, you don’t have fires like you do in California, you know. In Europe they have forest cities, you look at countries, Austria, you look at so many countries, they live in the forest, they’re considered forest cities, so many of them. And they don’t have fires like this, and they have more explosive trees.”

After being pressed, Trump said we need to clean up auto pollution even though his administration has rolled back emissions standards.

TRUMP: “You want to clean up your plants, you want to clean up your auto pollution, you want to clean up a lot of things.”


Trump lied that greenhouse gas emissions are lower than when he took office after he let corporate polluters off the hook. 

TRUMP: “We have clean air, we have good clean water, better than we had before. We have better than we had before. You know in carbon, we have less carbon now going up into the air than they had under the Obama administration.”