WATCH: Trump Lied To Americans About Progress On Denuclearization

In the time since Trump’s first summit with Kim Jong Un, he has continuously lied to Americans about the progress of denuclearization, while the rogue regime continues to develop, expand, and conceal its nuclear capabilities.


In order for Trump’s second summit to be successful, Trump must not be duped again, and he has to demonstrate tangible, verifiable progress.





Trump: “We have the start of an amazing deal. We’re going to denuke North Korea. It’s going to start immediately.”

Reporter: “In a series of tweets today, President Trump claimed, ‘there is no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea.’”


Mika Brezinzski: “New reports indicate North Korea is nearly done with a major expansion of a key missile manufacturing facility.”



Trump: “I think a lot of progress is being made.”

Andrea Mitchell: “U.S. intelligence agencies say North Korea is building more weapons, not denuclearizing as Kim had promised.”



Trump: “No more missiles, no more nuclear testing.”


Richard Haass: “The president can say we’ve accomplished denuclearization, but the last I checked, not only has North Korea not moved in that direction, but it’s actually moved farther away from it.”




Chris Wallace: “Now there’s talk about that they’re putting new sites?”

Trump: “Yeah, maybe they are. Maybe they’re not. I don’t believe that.”

Reporter: “Clear evidence that North Korea continues to build up their long range missile capabilities.”



Kasie Hunt: “The reality is that there haven’t been any concrete deliverables in the wake of that first summit.”


Max Boot: “Since Singapore, North Korea has actually been expanding their nuclear and missile programs. so the threat from North Korea continues to grow.”

Trump: “I’m going to Vietnam, to Hanoi…Hopefully we do as well with the second summit as we did with the first.”