WATCH: With So Much Positive News, Chair Harrison Feels Good That Our Message Is Democrats Deliver

Today on MSNBC’s The Sunday Show with Jonathan Capehart, DNC Chair Jaime Harrison said that he felt good about the Democratic Party’s messaging being that Democrats deliver. With so much positive news, from jobs to vaccines to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and soon the Build Back Better Act, why wouldn’t he?


Chair Harrison“We saw what we did on Friday night. We were able to get something done for the American people. And that’s on top of all of the new positive news that we’ve gotten about this economy. I mean, this is a president in nine months, Jonathan, he has created 5.6 million new jobs compared to Donald Trump’s first nine months, 1.6 million. We went from 2 million COVID vaccinations to 200 million. There’s so much positive right now. And now with this infrastructure framework, and now moving to the Build Back Better agenda, I feel good about having our message as a Democratic Party be that this ‘D’ on my lapel doesn’t just stand for Democrats, it stands for deliver. We have to continue to deliver for the American people.”