We Got Our Hands on the New Republican Agenda

Oops. Kevin McCarthy accidentally released the Republican agenda a couple days early, then immediately password-locked the website — but not before we got some screenshots. 

What is McCarthy trying to hide from the American people? Buried in the “government accountability” section of the website is confirmation that Republicans plan to push for a national abortion ban. You read that right: If Republicans take control, they will try to ban abortion in every state.

What else is McCarthy trying to hide? Even though they talk a big game in this so-called “plan” for America, Republicans are offering ZERO solutions of their own to lower costs. 

In fact, the GOP’s extreme “plan” for America would actually raise health care costs for millions of Americans by rolling back President Joe Biden’s legislation to lower prescription drug prices.

Let’s not forget: McCarthy’s wildly unpopular agenda was ghost-written by the most extreme elements of his caucus — including Georgia GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who will be standing side by side with McCarthy when he officially unveils his “plan” in Pittsburgh on Friday.

Melanie Zanona, CNN: “[Greene] is among the House GOP lawmakers attending Kevin McCarthy’s agenda rollout in Pittsburgh on Friday — just the latest sign of how McCarthy has worked to bring his right flank into the fold as he seeks the majority [and] the Speakership.”

Republicans have no plan to lower costs, but they do have an agenda — and that’s to ban abortion in every state. It’s no wonder McCarthy is hiding the GOP’s extreme platform from the American people.