We’re constantly working to keep our state parties strong

We have 104 state staffers on the ground in nearly every state, including essential battleground states that are the key to victory. Each state needs the same tools in order to succeed, so we provide them with access to our database of records, research, and digital communication tools. The DNC also provides training and workshops for state staffers through weekly webinars, and help to recruit local volunteers. We also make an investment in each state; giving them financial resources that cover their basic funding needs.

Putting staffers on the ground at the state level isn’t just about fairness—it’s a strategic effort.  Each state is unique and there’s not a “one size fits all” approach that works everywhere. Voters in New England speak differently about agricultural policy than voters in Southern states, while people on the West Coast have different educational concerns than people on the East Coast. Our state staffers know the best ways to reach people in their communities and how to communicate with them effectively based on the needs and interests of their individual state.

Our committed staffers – at the state level and above – are building a stronger Democratic Party.

Thanks to your continued support and dedication, we will continue to support our state parties across the country in order to ensure Democratic victories this November.