What Else Is Scott Pruitt Hiding?

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has gone to great lengths to try to cover up his ongoing scandals, his misuse of taxpayer funds, his close relationships with industry insiders, and more. With all his attempts to cover his tracks, what else is Scott Pruitt trying to hide?


Here’s the latest from this past week:


  • SECRET MEETINGS: Pruitt and his aides have kept “secret” calendars and schedules to overtly hide controversial meetings and calls.


  • SECRETIVE LLCs: After he enlisted staffers to help secure a fundraising job for his wife paying more than $200,000, Pruitt was cautioned that he would have to disclose his wife’s income and said he would create a limited liability corporation to cover it up.  


  • SILENCING AIDES: Pruitt personally reached out to conservative allies to dissuade anyone from hiring his former aide who testified that Pruitt directed her to buy a used mattress from the Trump International Hotel.


  • PRIVATE EMAIL: An examination of Pruitt’s government email accounts uncovered only one message he wrote to anyone outside the EPA during his first ten months in office, a number that has watchdogs questioning whether Pruitt is communicating in private.