WHAT THEY ARE READING: Popular Build Back Better Framework Will Lower Costs for Working Families

As Democrats prepare to pass President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda to deliver for middle-class families by lowering costs on essential expenses, creating millions of good-paying jobs, spurring long-term growth, and combating the climate crisis, Americans from Pennsylvania to Georgia to Michigan are opening their local news to reports about how these plans will deliver for them. The Biden Build Back Better agenda, which 81 million Americans voted to support in November 2020, is now extremely popular with a vast majority saying they support it by a 29 point margin.

Here’s what voters across the country are reading about how the Build Back Better Framework will deliver for their communities: 

In Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Capital-Star: The Top 5 Ways Biden’s domestic agenda helps Pa. kids, families, workers | Monday Morning Coffee

Child Tax Credit: The bill now before lawmakers extends the popular child tax credit payments of $250 to $300 a month, and it includes “the permanent refundability of the Child Tax Credit, which means that families with the lowest incomes will continue to receive the full Child Tax Credit over the long run,” Stier wrote.

By the numbers, that means the 892,000 Pennsylvania children aged 17 and younger who were previously left out of the full $2,000 credit will now continue to benefit from it, Stier wrote, while, “the 140,000 children under the age of 18 who were lifted above the poverty line will stay above it. And the additional 171,000 children under 18 who were lifted closer to the poverty line would remain there.”

In Georgia: WGXA: Universal and affordable childcare to be among Biden’s Build Back Better plan

Parents are shelling out the big bucks, not only on toys, or clothes but childcare.

The Biden Administration wants to change that, with the largest investment in childcare in the U.S. history.

With the introduction of President Biden’s new initiative called, “Build Back Better,” families across the United States can have access to affordable childcare.

According to The White House, the framework targets 655,172 young children (ages 0-5) per year with families earning less than half the median Georgia income.

In North Carolina: Asheville Citizen-Times: Opinion: Biden, Dems laser-focused on delivering for WNC

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal will invest in our physical infrastructure and the Build Back Better Agenda will invest in our people and human infrastructure – cutting taxes for working families, lowering the costs of everyday needs like child care and health care, and tackling the climate crisis.

In Minnesota: Star Tribune: White House promises array of benefits for Minnesota in latest Build Back Better framework

The Biden administration is touting what it describes as a host of benefits for Minnesota — ranging from child care and early education to tax cuts — that would be made possible by the president’s Build Back Better framework.

The White House released a fact sheet Friday saying that the $1.75 trillion framework announced this week would “bring down costs that have held back families in Minnesota for decades by cutting taxes and making child care, home care, education, health care and housing more affordable.”

The agenda highlights additional implications for early learning opportunities, jobs and attempts to turn back climate change.

In Michigan: WNEM: US Secretary of Labor: Build Back Better Agenda good for Michigan

The White House said its framework will help the state provide access to childcare for more than half a million kids up to age five.

“Many families in Michigan are struggling right now because they’re paying 30, 40, 50, 60 percent of their weekly salary for childcare if they have more than one child, and sometimes that one child as well, so it really is an opportunity, it’s an investment there,” said Martin Walsh.

Walsh said the extension of the child tax credit will reduce child poverty.

“There are many families in Michigan and all across this country that are struggling to make ends meet that have children and they’re not earning money in good paying jobs and they’re struggling. So that assists families to be stronger,” Walsh said.

In Missouri: St. Louis Public Radio: U.S. education secretary lays out how Build Back Better would affect Missouri

Kate Grumke: How exactly will the child care provisions in the Build Back Better framework work for families?

Miguel Cardona: The cost of child care prevents families from growing, it prevents many of our parents from going back into the workforce, and that disproportionately affects women. So in this proposal as we have the framework, families won’t pay more than 7% of their salary [for families making up to 2.5 times the state median income], which means that it allows parents to go back into the workforce and contribute more, not only to their own finances, but to the economy.

In Illinois: WREX: Build Back Better: What impact President Biden’s bill will have on Illinois

President Biden unveiled the framework for his Build Back Better bill last week. 

What does the bill do for Illinois? 

According to the White House, the framework will create good-paying jobs for residents of Illinois combating climate change, giving our kids cleaner air and water, and making America the leader in global innovation and 21st century manufacturing.