WHAT THEY ARE READING: President Biden Delivers Fierce Defense Of Truth and Democracy

In a powerful speech on the first anniversary of the attack on our Capitol, President Biden vowed to protect our democracy from any and all threats, advance truth over lies, and place responsibility for this violent attack where it belongs: with Donald Trump and his enablers. 

Here are what readers across the country are seeing on their front pages:

In his remarks, President Biden forcefully defended our democracy and promised that he will do everything in his power to uphold our Constitution and ensure the will of the American people is heard. 

Washington Post: “Opinion: Biden tells the truth in the best speech of his presidency”

Los Angeles Times: “Biden marks Jan. 6 with vow to fight for this country’s future”

CNBC: “‘You can’t love your country only when you win’: Biden urges Americans to defend the right to vote, condemns Trump election lies on Jan. 6 anniversary”

CNN: “Biden condemns Trump as a threat to democracy in speech marking one year since January 6 attack”

Associated Press: “Biden decries Trump backers’ ‘dagger at throat’ of democracy”

Washington Post: “Biden condemns Trump and his allies as a danger to democracy on the anniversary of the Capitol insurrection”

President Biden condemned Donald Trump’s web of lies and refusal to accept the results of the election because he could not accept the fact that he lost. 

NBC News: “Biden condemns lies of ‘defeated former president’ as an attack on America’s soul”

Fox News: “Biden in Jan. 6 speech sharply criticizes Trump as spreading ‘web of lies,’ stoking riot”

USA Today: “Biden unleashes a year’s worth of anger at Trump in Jan. 6 speech, blasting him as an undemocratic liar”

Wall Street Journal: “Biden Assails Trump Over Jan. 6 Riot, Efforts to Overturn 2020 Election Results”

And President Biden placed the responsibility for what happened on January 6 exactly where it belongs, with Donald Trump and his enablers. 

The Hill: “Biden takes on Trump in fiery address on Jan. 6”

Politico: “Biden decries Trump’s ‘singular responsibility’ for the Capitol riot”

Axios: “Biden blames Trump for Jan. 6 Capitol riot”

Forbes: “Biden Blames Trump For January 6 Insurrection In Anniversary Address: ‘Values Power Over Principle’”