WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: “Biden is the Big Winner in the Debt Ceiling Deal”

Tomorrow, President Biden will sign the bipartisan budget agreement that he secured to protect our economic recovery and prevent a catastrophic default.

Here’s what commentators and members of the media are saying about President Biden’s steady leadership in achieving yet another win for the American people.

Zack Beauchamp, Vox: “The president is coming off a remarkably successful month, in both political and substantive policy terms.”

Natalie Andrews, Wall Street Journal: “…Biden successfully defended much of his climate-and- tax agenda while greatly paring back the spending cuts initially proposed by Republicans. The deal got more votes from Democrats than Republicans in both the House and Senate. Biden negotiated the next debt-limit deadline to be after the 2024 presidential election, avoiding another showdown next year.”

Christian Science Monitor: “Debt deal reinforces Biden as consensus builder”

The Hill: “Yet Biden also emerged as a winner in the negotiations by getting the House GOP to agree to raise the debt ceiling through Jan. 1, 2025, kicking any future showdown beyond the elections next year. In the end, Biden didn’t have to make any huge concessions.”

Carl P. Leubsdorf, Dallas Morning News: “Biden is the big winner in the debt ceiling deal”

Anna Edgerton, Bloomberg: “The legislation, being delivered to his desk with at least a little breathing room before the default deadline, reinforces Biden’s chief selling point to voters: He’s a no-drama pragmatist who they simply don’t have to think much about, the opposite of the man he replaced in office.”

Meet the Press: “Pres. Biden scores a bipartisan win with the debt deal as he pushes for unity ahead of 2024.” 

Myah Ward, POLITICO: “The Biden-McCarthy deal marked a victory for the president five months into a divided government, a period in which it remained unclear whether the White House could find common ground with House Republicans.”

David Ignatius, Washington Post: “Biden is delivering on his most far-fetched pledge: Compromise

Steve Rattner, MSNBC: “The White House deserves a victory lap on the debt deal”

Financial Times: “Win for Biden as curtain comes down on debt ceiling drama”

Eric Garcia, The Independent: “But given the fact that Mr Biden will have a debt limit increase head to his desk for his signature after a high-stakes few weeks of negotiations, perhaps it is time for his conservative critics to admit that the president actually knows what he is doing when it comes to working with the legislative branch and Congress as a whole.”

Marcus Baram, Capital and Main: “Nevertheless, Biden can accurately claim that the deal safeguards the core of his economic agenda, which leans heavily on federal investments not seen in more than 50 years.”