What They Are Saying: Bidenomics is Working 

This week, a new GDP report showed the economy beat expectations and grew at a 2.4% rate last quarter. Morgan Stanley credited the president’s economic plan – Bidenomics – with “much stronger” than expected growth, inflation continued to slow, and consumer confidence jumped to a two-year high. That’s Bidenomics at work. 

While MAGA Republicans are campaigning on a return to failed trickle-down economics, President Biden’s plan to grow the economy from the bottom-up and middle-out is working – all while creating good-paying jobs and lowering costs for families. 

Here’s just a sample of what political commentators and members of the media are saying about how Bidenomics is delivering: 

On MSNBC, Nicolle Wallace: “With Republicans in a mad dash to the bottom of U.S. politics, President Joe Biden’s bet is that voters will be focused on the country’s steadily improving economy. With news this week that the Bidenomics, Biden’s formula for strong economic growth from the bottom-up, is not only driving a surge in the U.S. economy and a boom in large-scale infrastructure, it’s so much greater than even the experts in economic stuff expected it to be.”

On MSNBC, David Jolly: “What Joe Biden is saying is, ‘Look, I have started this recovery, and it is working. We have invested in infrastructure and ladders of opportunity for health care and education for all people.’ And Joe Biden wants the American people to understand his economic leadership because ultimately it draws a contrast with the primary message of Republicans, which is chaos, arguably some anti-democratic themes from Donald Trump, and culture wars. So if Joe Biden is talking about improving everybody’s lives with better economics and Republicans are talking about culture wars and anti-democratic themes, Joe Biden is in a very good place going into next November.”

On CNN, Matt Egan: “What’s so interesting here is the why [behind Morgan Stanley upgrading their economic forecast]. Morgan Stanley is pointing to two key developments. One, manufacturing is booming. And two, infrastructure spending is surging. And both of those forces, manufacturing and infrastructure, are key pillars of Bidenomics – the administration’s economic strategy. President Biden signed key pieces of legislation around both of those issues.When you look at manufacturing in particular, companies have announced more than half a trillion dollars of manufacturing projects in the United States since the president’s taken office.”

On Fox, Cheryl Casone: “Talk about a strong economy – there goes that recession talk, right?” 

On MSNBC, Andrew Ross Sorkin:  “Wall Street is very happy with the state of the economy. You look at the last ten days, the market’s been up. We’re now on a trajectory… I think this will be the first time in 20-some-odd years that the market’s been up, you know, steadily day after day after day. ” 

On MSNBC, John Heilemann: “The president has achieved a lot, as we pointed out, for the last couple of years in terms of legislative accomplishments and all the stuff that he got done in those first two years… and never got quite the credit for it that you would have expected given some of the big wins he put on the board. … Now it seems like the numbers are coming together. They’re getting and likely to get, if you look at all the credible forecasts going forward, exactly the perfect economy that you want to run for reelection in. The bets that they made seem to be paying off.” 

On CNN, Christine Romans: “Morgan Stanley recently upgraded its GDP forecast for this year. …Morgan Stanley specifically saying that Bidenomics and some of the Biden industrial policy is really helping here as well.”

On MSNBC, Donny Deutsch: “[For President] Biden, there’s an incredible story here. No matter how you tick it – GDP, manufacturing, jobs, unemployment, consumer sentiment, comparing us to China. No matter how you slice cooling inflation, they have a great story.”

On CNN, Jeanna Smialek: “We still have very low unemployment – 3.6%, that’s about the lowest in half a century, and that is really contributing to a backdrop where consumers are taking home paychecks, they’re seeing some wage gains, inflation is finally slowing down which means a lot of families are feeling a little bit more confident in going out and spending. And all of that is adding up to the situation where this economy has just retained a lot more ‘oomph’ than I think anybody thought it was going to at this stage.” 

On MSNBC, Michael Steele: “[The state of the economy is] a very positive picture. It is beginning to translate across the country in ways that I think are meaningful to people. There are shovels in ground. There are, you know, skyscrapers, if you will, going up. And so, there’s a lot of activity that is happening in the economy.”

On MSNBC, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld: “The facts are uniformly positive. We haven’t seen an economy like this, and the Biden administration has been more successful economically interventionist than The New Deal – since The New Deal for sure.”