WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Health Care Providers and Advocates Slam Anti-Abortion Extremists for Ripping Away Care from Women in Louisiana and Across the Country

Last week, Louisiana’s Republican governor signed into law an extreme measure to criminalize possession of medication abortion, the latest example of extreme Republicans ripping away reproductive freedoms from women across the country. This dystopian nightmare is brought to you by Donald Trump, who proudly brags that he was able to “kill” Roe v. Wade, who says that extreme bans in states across the country are working “brilliantly,” and who would go even further in ripping away our access to care in a second term as he refuses to rule out restricting medication abortion.  

Here’s what doctors and reproductive care advocates are saying about anti-abortion extremists in Louisiana criminalizing medication abortion, all thanks to Trump…

Associated Press: Louisiana governor signs bill making two abortion drugs controlled dangerous substances

Key Point: More than 200 doctors in the state signed a letter to lawmakers warning that the measure could produce a ‘barrier to physicians’ ease of prescribing appropriate treatment’ and cause unnecessary fear and confusion among both patients and doctors. The physicians warn that any delay to obtaining the drugs could lead to worsening outcomes in a state that has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country.”

Jezebel: Louisiana Doctors Are Fighting GOP Bill That Would Criminalize Possession of Abortion Pills

Key Point: “Dr. Nicole Freehill, a New Orleans-based OB-GYN, said that since Dobbs—which ultimately triggered Louisiana’s near-total abortion ban—she’s already had problems getting misoprostol filled at pharmacies.” […]

“‘The biggest fear I have is that it’s going to set a dangerous precedent for other drugs that really do not have abuse or addiction potential,’ Freehill said. ‘If they’re taking these medicines that clearly nobody is going to abuse or become addicted to and making them Schedule IV, then it’s basically throwing the rules out and saying, ‘No, we just want to put it on here.’ What else is coming next? Are IUDs going to be [classified as] Schedule IV, are birth control pills?’”

CNN: Louisiana Poised to Make It a Felony to Possess Abortion Pills Without a Prescription 

Key Point: “But look, people who say, doctors especially in Louisiana, Dana, they say that this is going to add, it’s going to add all sorts of issues to them trying to prescribe this — hurdles, confusion, stigma — and they know that neither one of these drugs are addictive nor do they have any sort of potential for abuse or harmful side effects. They also point out that they’re used for other things besides inducing abortion, including miscarriage management, as well as stopping hemorrhaging, inducing labor and even treating stomach ulcers.”

New York Times: Abortion Pills May Become Controlled Substances in Louisiana

Key Point: “Dr. Avegno, an emergency medicine physician, said that Schedule IV drugs impose certain logistical hurdles, such as extra steps for calling prescriptions into pharmacies or possibly needing paper prescriptions, which could cause delays. For example, she said, if a woman who is miscarrying on a weekend is bleeding heavily and needs misoprostol, the new bill might require her to visit a doctor and to obtain a paper prescription, forcing her to wait a day or two as her condition worsens.

“Or, Dr. Avegno said, ‘imagine being in labor, and your O.B. says, ‘Oh, you need misoprostol to ripen your cervix so we can progress labor safely,’ and that woman thinks, Wait, why is she giving me the dangerous drug?’”

Politico: Louisiana is set to make possessing abortion pills without a prescription punishable by up to 10 years in prison

Key Point: “Ellie Schilling, a Louisiana attorney who specializes in reproductive health law, told reporters Wednesday that the state is effectively establishing a database to monitor women’s pregnancies.

“‘That should be unimaginable in America,’ Schilling said.”

WGNO: Louisiana Legislature approves bill classifying abortion pills as controlled dangerous substances

Key Point: “‘This goes too far. We have not properly vetted this with the health care community and I believe it’s going to lead to further harm down the road,’ said Democratic Sen. Royce Duplessis, who voted against the measure. ‘There’s a reason we rank at the bottom in terms of maternal health outcomes, and this is why.’”