WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Infrastructure Week Is Here, Thanks to President Biden

Last night, President Biden delivered on his promise to reach across the aisle and forge consensus by shepherding through a once-in-a-generation investment to modernize our infrastructure, tackle the climate crisis, create millions of good-paying jobs, and lead us into the 21st century. In just nine months, President Biden accomplished what the previous administration couldn’t do in four years: secure a historic investment in our nation’s infrastructure and show that government can work for the American people. 

Thanks to President Biden’s leadership, infrastructure week is finally here. Here’s what people are saying about President Biden’s historic victory:

President Biden secured a major win last night after Congress passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal he promised to deliver and helped to secure.

CNN: “Congress passes $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill, delivering major win for Biden”

Tamara Keith, NPR: “This is an affirmation of President Biden’s big idea that Washington can still work and can even do things in a bipartisan fashion.” 

CNN: “Biden emerged having accomplished what many had written off as impossible in a political era marred by dysfunction and mistrust. The bill represents the largest single infrastructure investment in American history.”

New York Times: “For Mr. Biden, passage of the infrastructure bill fulfilled a marquee legislative goal that he had promised to deliver since the early days of his presidency: the largest single investment of federal resources into infrastructure projects in more than a decade, including a substantial effort to fortify the nation’s response to the warming of the planet.”

Bloomberg: “House Passes Historic Infrastructure Bill in Win for Biden”

Washington Post: “President Biden achieved one of his long-sought goals: a bipartisan agreement that would make major investments in all 50 states for years to come.”

President Biden delivered in nine months what Trump never could in four years — a historic investment in our nation’s infrastructure.

Hugo Lowell, The Guardian: “Regardless of the politics, the passage of a $1.2T bipartisan infrastructure bill is a towering legislative achievement for Biden — and one that Trump never came close to matching”

Benjy Sarlin, NBC News: “I realize I’ve been making dumb process jokes all day, but now that it seems like it’s about to pass a reminder that the infrastructure bill is actually a big deal on its merits and would have been a top-tier legislative achievement had either Trump or Obama managed to pass it.”

Sam Stein, Politico: “I know it’s a running joke but they actually did infrastructure week.”

Dan Friedman, Mother Jones: “Biden has now done two big things Trump wanted to, passed a bipartisan infrastructure bill and gotten out of Afghanistan. I don’t think a lot of people will spin it that way though.”

Sahil Kapur, NBC News: “Never forget how Infrastructure Week became a punchline. Donald Trump pronounced it so in June 2017 before deciding to lash out at James Comey in the Rose Garden and claim he committed perjury. And a meme was born. ~4 years later, Congress passes a major infrastructure bill.”

Tim O’Brien, Bloomberg: “Seems like it was ‘infrastructure week’ for 208 weeks during the four years Trump was in the White House. Biden is going to sign an epic and desperately needed infrastructure bill that came together in just months.”