WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Republicans’ Plan to Raise Taxes on Half of America

We could not have imagined a better rollout for Florida Senator and National Republican Senate Committee Chair Rick Scott’s 2022 plan for the Republican Party. The blueprint confirmed the Republican agenda is about raising taxes on half of Americans, including seniors and retirees, and doing nothing to lower costs – a painful reminder of how out of touch Republican leaders are with America’s working families. 

This is probably not the attention Florida Senator Rick Scott was hoping to garner: 

Washington Post: “New tax plan from leading GOP senator would require all Americans to pay federal income taxes”

Daily Beast: “GOP Senator Denies Wanting to Raise Taxes… After Releasing Plan to Raise Taxes”

New York Magazine: “Rick Scott’s Bonkers GOP Agenda Shows Why McConnell Doesn’t Want One”

MSNBC: “Rick Scott pretends he didn’t propose tax increases (but he did)”

Orlando Sentinel: “Rick Scott wants the 50% of Americans who don’t owe income taxes to pay something”

Washington Post: “Rick Scott thrusts the GOP back into Romney-‘47 percent’ territory”