WHAT THEY ARE SAYING — TL;DR: President Biden’s Build Back Better Framework Is Popular And Historic

Today, President Joe Biden announced a historic framework that delivers on his promises to rebuild the American middle class, take on the climate crisis, invest in education, and so much more. In 2020, Democrats won by promising to put the American people first, and Democrats are delivering on that promise. Today’s framework has received overwhelming praise from those who work directly on these issues and have advocated for this type of historic framework.

Climate and environmental groups support President Biden’s framework, which provides the largest investment to combat climate change in history:

Climate Power: “BREAKING: The Build Back Better Act framework was just released. The most significant climate bill in history, it will put the U.S. on path to cut pollution 50% by 2030, deliver justice, lower costs, and create jobs. Text HISTORY to 434-266-8464 to demand Congress pass it now.” 

League of Conservation Voters: “The Build Back Better Act framework will put the U.S. on the path to cutting our climate pollution by 50% by 2030, invest directly in communities of color, and create good-paying, union jobs. It’s time for Congress to finish the job. #ClimateTest

Collin O’Mara, NWF & Wildlife Action Fund: “Securing more than half a trillion for climate—the largest climate investment in world history—is an absolutely huge deal for jobs, emissions & Glasgow. @JoeBiden is 100% delivering on his promise to make climate the centerpiece of how we #BuildBackBetter” 

DJ Koessler, Climate Power: “The Build Back Better framework puts forward the most significant CLIMATE BILL IN HISTORY. Literally, in human history. That’s a BFD. LFG.”

Robbie Orvis, Energy Innovation: “For those who haven’t seen, @POTUS announced a framework for BBB, which includes $555 billion for climate. That’s compared to an original ask of ~$600 billion, meaning nearly all the climate money was preserved despite a 50% cut in spending. Huge win.”

Sierra Club: “Sierra Club Statement on Build Back Better Framework”

Labor and business groups alike support President Biden’s framework, which invests in our nation’s backbone — the middle class:

American Sustainable Business Council: “As organizations representing the interests of American business, ASBC, SVC and their members are deeply committed to many of the agreed-to provisions included in today’s announced deal, especially the historic investment to combat the climate crisis.”

United Food and Commercial Workers: “Build Back Better Framework Puts Workers First by Creating Millions of Good-Paying Jobs, Providing Tax Cuts for Working Families, and Strengthening Middle Class”

United Auto Workers: “Today the White House announced a framework for legislation that will transform our economy for UAW members and working families through key investments to rebuild our infrastructure, strengthen our communities, and create good paying union jobs.”

From education and health care to gun safety, housing, racial equity and immigration groups, this framework has received overwhelming praise:

AFT President Randi Weingarten: “Historic work from the White House
-Universal #PreK and #ChildTaxCredit 
-High-quality care for children and older Americans
-Largest effort to combat climate change in American History
-Fully paid for”
Everytown: “BIG NEWS: Today, @POTUS ​​announced a framework for his #BuildBackBetter bill which includes a historic investment in community violence intervention—providing groups on the frontlines of our gun violence crisis with critical support they need to keep their communities safe.”

FWD.us: “We are glad the White House and Senate Leadership Continue to be confident in the inclusion of immigration relief in the reconciliation package.”

Larry Levitt, Kaiser Family Foundation: “When you step back for a second, it’s quite remarkable that the the Build Back Better framework includes health care for 2.2 million people in the Medicaid coverage gap. Even as the package shrinks, Democrats are looking to provide health coverage to people in Republican states.”

NAACP President Derrick Johnson: “Today represents a significant step in the fight for racial equity… President Biden’s Build Back Better Act will make key investments in Black families and communities.”

Mayors and CEOs for US Housing Investment: “The #Biden plan includes the ‘single largest & most comprehensive investment in affordable #housing in history.’”