WHAT THEY ARE SAYING: Trump’s MAGA and Anti-Abortion Extremism Loses Again In Warning Sign for Republicans Ahead of 2024

The results of yesterday’s elections sent a clear message: Donald Trump’s extremely unpopular MAGA agenda and attempts to rip away freedoms from women across the country remains a losing strategy. Democrats defeated MAGA extremism across the board, including gaining full control of the Virginia legislature, winning a key seat on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and maintaining the governorship in Kentucky by defeating a Trump-backed candidate. Last night’s wins for Democrats are a warning sign that voters will once again reject MAGA Republicans’ agenda of taking away rights and will reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris to finish the job of delivering for the American people.

Here’s what they are saying about the big night for Democrats and a disastrous warning sign for MAGA Republicans: 


New York Times: Abortion Rights Fuel Big Democratic Wins, and Hopes for 2024

Washington Post: Abortion rights advocates win major victories in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia

Wall Street Journal: Abortion-Rights Supporters Rack Up Victories, Putting GOP in Bind for 2024

NPR: Abortion rights win big in 2023 elections, again

NBC News: Election results point to major GOP liability on abortion heading into 2024

ABC News: Abortion issues burn GOP again, as Democrats take a big election night: Analysis

AP: Democrats win in several states on abortion rights and other highlights from Tuesday’s elections

Reuters: Abortion rights advocates, Democrats score wins in US elections

The Messenger: Abortion Cost Republicans Big at the Ballot Box — Again

Axios: Abortion rights win big in 2023 off-year elections

Slate: Republicans Put Abortion on the Ballot in Virginia. It Went as Well as You’d Expect.

Vox: Republicans can’t sugarcoat their losses on abortion rights anymore

Rolling Stone: Maybe Stealing Womens’ Rights Wasn’t the Best Election Plan

Washington Examiner: Abortion rights win out in 2023 elections, showing GOP hasn’t found footing for 2024

Newsweek: Joe Biden’s Democratic Critics Had a Terrible Election Night

Politico: Why Democrats’ big Virginia win is also a victory for Biden

Forbes: Why Tuesday’s Election Is A Positive Sign For Biden’s 2024 Chances—Dems Win Key Races As Abortion Rights Prevail

Financial Times: Democratic wins in US state votes boost Joe Biden

Politicus USA: Joe Biden’s Democratic Party Romps on Election Night As Republicans Never Learn

Newsweek: MAGA Panics Over Election Disaster: ‘We’re Getting Crushed’

New York Times: Virginia Dashes Youngkin’s Hopes of a G.O.P. Takeover, and Maybe More

The Hill: Virginia’s election result is a loss for Donald Trump

The Nation: Election Night’s Biggest Loser: Glenn Youngkin

Newsweek: Glenn Youngkin’s Devastating Loss in Virginia Sparks Wave of Jokes, Mockery

Daily Beast: Fox News Grapples With Yet Another Pro-Life Election Loss

Washington Examiner: The GOP needs to stop lying to itself about its Trump losing problem


Cecile Richards: When abortion is on the ballot, abortion wins.


Every time.

Tina Smith: Abortion is a kitchen table issue — period. 

Republicans don’t have a messaging problem, they have a policy problem.

Josh Kraushaar: Abortion the running theme of the night: Rs being dogged by abortion positions to the right of the electorate, even in red states.

Greg Sargent: Shaping up as a bad night for the “LOL no one cares about abortion anymore” narrative.

Julia Johnson: Abortion once again playing a larger role than forecast

Ronald Klain: How did the Biden bashing work for you?

Brad Woodhouse: No matter what else happens tonight, this is a huge night for Democrats and a crushingly bad night for Republicans. We’ve really turned it around since that NYT poll on Sunday, huh?

Victor Shi: Hey, CNN: I just heard you say that the country has “soured” on President Biden based on your new “poll.” Meanwhile, Trump-endorsed candidates are losing badly & Democrats are winning up & down the ballot today. Your coverage is getting really tiring & fails our democracy.

Peter Hamby: So far tonight – more evidence that Dems now have more reliable voters in off years than Republicans do

Bakari Sellers: The Biden is better than we thought articles will write themselves

Peter Hamby: So far tonight – more evidence that Dems now have more reliable voters in off years than Republicans do

Cristóbal Alex: The only poll that really matters is Election Day. And yesterday was a great one for Democrats and the Biden-Harris agenda. Terrible night for MAGA.

Jim Messina: What if – and just hear me out for a second – the Democratic brand *and* Joe Biden have policies people actually like? And the way people voted last night is a reflection of both those things?

Simon Rosenberg: There are reports from all over the country this morning of Dems making big gains in local elections and school board races. Our win seems to have been broad and deep. Dare we say blue wave?

Ian Sams: People underestimate President Biden’s performance as the leader of the Democratic Party. He sets the agenda and tone, and crafts the atmospheric message that allows *all* Democrats in our big tent to be successful nationwide. The results kinda speak for themselves…

Adam Wren: Tonight in barn-red Indiana: Democrats hold serve in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, They flip Terre Haute and Evansville.

Jake Sherman: two big Ls for Ohio Republicans. they lost the vote to raise the threshold for constitutional changes. and then they lost this measure.

Dan Merica: This says a lot about how Republicans are consuming what is undoubtedly a bad night for the party – primarily because of the abortion debate. Even in the face of the losses, they want to go again. Doesn’t seem like lessons learned.

Simon Rosenberg: Who else is still waiting for the red wave?

Alex Roarty: Republicans had hoped by now that voters would be interested in litigating what kind of limits should be placed on abortion post-Roe.

Instead, seems voters are still just broadly angry at the Dobbs decision and voting in such a way to register that fury

Geoff Garin: As a pollster, I agree with  @KBeds : pay more attention to how people are actually voting today than what the polls say they will do a year from now. 

Chris Harris: Panel: Democrats in disarray!!!!!!

Chyron: Democrats are winning a whole lot

Adam Cancryn: Biden WH already doing some stretching, jogging in anticipation of full-on victory lap.

Harry Sisson: CNN just claimed that the country has “soured” on President Biden. Meanwhile, Democrats have won massive elections in the Kentucky governor’s race, abortion rights are on track to win in Ohio, and Democrats have secured huge victories in Virginia. People vote. Polls don’t.

Planned Parenthood Action: Kentucky just re-elected Gov. Andy Beshear! 🎊🎉

Voters confirmed what we already know: When abortion is on the ballot, we win.

Aaron Blake: The abortion-rights position won all 6 state ballot measures in 2022. That included swing Michigan and red Kansas, Kentucky and Montana. Looks like Ohio will add another red state to the list. And like most of the others, it’s not close.

Sawyer Hackett: Don’t look now, but Democrats just successfully defended a governor’s seat in ruby red Kentucky—a state Trump won by 26 points—by running on abortion and rejecting hateful anti-LGBT policy.

Dan Merica: Abortion Rights Amendment Passes in Ohio

The post-Roe v. Wade winning streak continues for abortion rights activists.

Symone Sanders: Apparently voters in Ohio also do not want the government making their healthcare decisions.

Simon Rosenberg: Becoming a very big night for Democrats. Since Dobbs we’ve been winning elections again and again all across the county, and we did so again tonight. Congratulations everyone! We head into 2024 with the wind at our back!

Josh Schwerin: Glenn Youngkin put all of his political capital into this election. He was constantly at rallies and on tv and forced his way into the story. The determining factor was how Youngkin would ban abortion if he had full control of state government. 

What a disaster for Youngkin.

Ryan Struyk: The Kentucky governor’s race has predicted the winner of the next presidential election in the last five presidential cycles.