What They’re Reading: Local Media Highlights Benefits of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan

Today, Americans from Alabama to Hawaii are reading about how they stand to benefit from President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal — the largest long-term investment in our infrastructure and economic competitiveness in nearly a century. As outlets across the country noted, every single state in the nation is poised to gain new jobs and new economic opportunities because of President Biden’s leadership on this bipartisan package. 

See the coverage for yourself:

In Arizona:

Arizona Republic: High-speed internet. Road upgrades. Electric vehicle chargers. What the infrastructure bill could mean for Arizonans

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that could pass the U.S. Senate by this weekend would have enormous implications for Arizona, a state where brick-and-mortar needs haven’t kept pace with fast growth. 

The eye-popping spending may be hard to comprehend. But it could translate into repairs to streets that threaten to take out your van’s undercarriage, or widen roadways that get you to your weekend getaway. 

In North Carolina: 

News & Observer: Billions from infrastructure bill could go to NC, estimates show. Here’s a breakdown.

North Carolina could receive at least $8.7 billion in federal funding over the next five years for highways programs, bridge replacement, public transportation, electric vehicles and broadband internet under an infrastructure bill that is being considered by the U.S. Senate.

In Ohio: 

Ohio Capital Journal: Infrastructure bill could have specific impact in Ohio

With money set to come from the infrastructure bill to be used for bridge repair, Krueger and Ohio Democratic U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown hope priority will be made in the state for aging projects like the viaduct and Cincinnati’s Brent Spence Bridge.

“There is great potential here,” Brown said. “This is a recipe for jobs.”

In Colorado:

Colorado Newsline: $5 billion in Colorado transportation funding outlined in bipartisan infrastructure package

Colorado can expect to receive roughly $5 billion in direct transportation funding from the infrastructure package agreed on by a bipartisan group of senators last week, with billions more likely to flow into the state through other programs, according to new estimates.

State-specific fact sheets released by the White House on Wednesday call the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act “the largest long-term investment in our infrastructure and competitiveness in nearly a century.” The bill would allocate roughly $550 billion in new federal spending to support infrastructure projects across the country over the next five years.

In South Carolina:

The State: SC would get piece of Congress’ $1T infrastructure plan. Here’s how much

South Carolina could receive billions of dollars to make critical road and bridge repairs as well as expand services, such as public transportation and broadband in the U.S. Senate’s $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

In the legislation, the White House said South Carolina could get nearly $10 billion if the bill were to pass as it is currently written.

The largest chunk of that total would go to public transportation — nearly $5 billion over five years to improve transit options across the state, according to a fact sheet provided by the administration.

In Alabama:

CBS42: Report: Roads in disrepair cost Alabama drivers $434 a year, White House says infrastructure bill can help

Based on preliminary findings, Alabama would received approximately $5.2 billion for federal-aid highway apportioned programs and $225 million for bridge replacement and repairs over the span of five years in order to “repair and rebuild our roads and bridges with a focus on climate change mitigation, resilience, equity and safety for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians.”

The bill would also possibly grant Alabama $405 million to increase and improve public transportation methods in the state, which data indicates play a part in equity. Non-White households are 4.5 times more likely to use public transportation to commute, and Alabama residents using public transportation spend an extra 66.2% of their time commuting, according to the report.

In Hawaii:

Honolulu Civil Beat: Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Could Bring Billions Of Dollars To Hawaii

Hawaii could receive upwards of $2 billion for highways, bridges and broadband if Congress passes a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal.

The White House released a fact sheet Wednesday laying out some of the details of what’s included in the 2,700 page bill for the Aloha State, noting that the American Society of Engineers once gave Hawaii a grade of D+ when it comes to the state of its infrastructure.