What They’re Reading: Trump’s “Shameful” Debate Performance Called Out In The Battlegrounds, Press

Argumentative,” “shameful,” “a reason to vote for Joe Biden” — that’s what voters in the battlegrounds are reading in their local news outlets about Trump’s disastrous debate performance. See for yourself:

In Arizona: 

Arizona Republic: “‘Joe Biden met the bar,’ said Kirk Adams, a Republican and former chief of staff to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey … ‘If you’re looking for a reason to vote for Joe Biden, or if you’re looking for a reason to not vote for Donald Trump, you might have gotten it tonight.’”

In Georgia:

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “[University of Georgia Communication Professor Edward Panetta]: “Trump did little to address the concerns of white, college-educated women in the suburbs who are concerned about the president’s behavior. These are the voters who left the Republican Party in the 2018 election cycle.”

In Nevada:

KTNV: “One issue in particular struck a chord with viewers from both parties … ‘200 thousand deaths. That’s a lot,’ said [local resident Ben] Barteau.”

In Michigan:

Detroit Free Press: “Ronda Clements, 60, of West Bloomfield, an undecided voter and retired worker for the state: ‘President Trump … had no direct answers to any of the questions. He was argumentative toward the moderator and Vice President Biden and did not allow the debate to be conducted correctly … President Trump did not allow the public to hear (the answers). (He) focused on what others have done and not what he plans to do if he wins the election.’”

WXYZ: Metro Detroit voters react to first 2020 presidential debate: ‘I found it very painful to watch.’ “‘I just felt like he was kind of a bully, Trump. And just bulldozed over everybody, the moderator and Joe Biden,’ [said Florencia Solis of Oak Park]. ‘Maybe they should start turning off the microphone off who’s not supposed to be talking to allow the other person to talk.”

In New Hampshire:

WMUR: “‘Donald Trump made a mockery of this. It was shameful.’”

Boston Globe: Editorial Board: It wasn’t a debate. It was a national embarrassment. “Much like the Trump presidency, it was a national embarrassment. It was an embarrassment before Trump again refused to condemn white supremacists, a travesty before a frustrated Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, addressed Trump and spoke for a weary nation: ‘Will you shut up, man?’ Biden, the former vice president, did what he could. But this was no place for civility, rules of order, detailed policy discussions or, as Pelosi predicted, truth or facts — not with Trump at the other podium.”

In Ohio:

Cleveland.com: “Trump, seeking to lift what appear to be waning re-election prospects, was looking for a boost, with advisers saying beforehand he was taking debate prep seriously. Instead, the public was greeted by Trump largely reverting to his normal routine – interrupting, name calling and outright ignoring the topics at hand. In fact, the debate got so bad, Wallace was forced to give Trump a stern talking-to.”

In Pennsylvania: 

Penn Live: “Matt Flinchbaugh is a big Donald Trump supporter. But he didn’t have big praise for the president’s performance during his debate against Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Tuesday night … Asked what Trump had done to help his case in a close election, Flinchbaugh, 42, said ‘absolutely nothing.’”

Pennsylvania Capital-Star: “His partisans may celebrate it, but the pure fact of the matter is that Trump was revealed for what he is: a thug with a paper-thin ego, who is so afraid of losing, that he tried to bluster through the paucity of his achievements, to downplay the unfathomable tragedy of the pandemic, and to take a sledgehammer to the underpinnings of our electoral system. Biden, generally, kept his cool. But, speaking for all of us, at one point, he snapped ‘Will you shut up, man?’”

In Texas:

San Antonio Express-News: “If Trump’s goal was to create havoc and get his most rabid loyalists howling in glee, he succeeded. If he wanted to persuade anyone that the next four years under his leadership will be calmer and more hopeful, he failed miserably.”