What They’re Reading: As House Democrats Vote to Bring Manufacturing Jobs Home, Republicans Side with China

In case you missed it, on Friday, nearly every single House Republican voted against legislation that would lower costs for families, bring manufacturing jobs home, and make the United States more competitive with China. The America COMPETES Act would continue the economic momentum built by President Biden and Democrats over the last year – including the greatest 12 months of job creation in our history – and folks from Michigan to Pennsylvania to New York are reading local news coverage about how Democrats, not Republicans, have delivered once again. 

Here’s what they’re reading around the country about how the America COMPETES Act will bring manufacturing jobs back home, strengthen the supply chain, and lower costs for families:

In Ohio: Cleveland.com: House passes China competition bill that would fund U.S. semiconductor chip makers without support from Ohio Republicans

U.S. Rep. Troy Balderson of Zanesville represents a part of Ohio where Intel Corp. recently announced plans to build a $20 billion computer chip factory. Yet he joined with every other Ohio Republican in Congress on Friday in voting against a large legislative package that included $52 billion in incentives to companies that locate chip production in the United States. Balderson and others Ohio Republicans said they supported the semiconductor chip funding in the Democrat-authored bill to improve U.S. economic competitiveness against China but opposed other measures it contains.

Democrats said their “America COMPETES Act” would make historic investments in research, innovation and American manufacturing to ensure that the United States can economically outcompete other countries. It passed the House of Representatives on Friday by a 222-210 margin, with support from just one Republican — U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois.

In Michigan: WNEM: Congressman Kildee: America Competes Act will strengthen Michigan’s auto industry

This legislation will directly impact mid-Michigan by investing $52 billion in the domestic production of semiconductors, preventing shortages impacting facilities across the country including General Motors Flint assembly plant.

Congressman Dan Kildee talked about the benefits of the legislation.

“This America competes bill invests in manufacturing, particularly in Michigan,: Kildee said.

Kildee said the America Competes Act will help fix broken supply chains and accelerate the production of American made semiconductors.

In Wisconsin: SeehaferNews.com: Wisconsin Congressional Delegation Responds to Multibillion Dollar Bill

A 222-210 vote officially passed the measure that calls for $52 billion in grants and subsidies to help the semiconductor industry, as well as $45 billion to strengthen supply chains and manufacturing of other critical goods.

Of Wisconsin’s eight Representatives, only Democrats Mark Pocan, Ron Kind, and Gwen Moore voted for the bill. All five Republicans, including Manitowoc Rep. Glenn Grothman, voted with the minority.

In Pennsylvania: Pittsburgh Post Gazette: House Democrats push through massive manufacturing, tech bill aimed at competing with China

A massive bill aimed at beefing up U.S. tech and advanced manufacturing to ensure competitiveness with China passed the U.S. House Friday, and Democratic members of the Western Pennsylvania delegation are touting their contributions to the legislation that they say will support the solar and rail industries.

In New York: WGRB: Passage of America COMPETES Act could bring a boost to Capital Region

A new piece of federal legislation could bring more jobs and boost the economy, including here in the Capital Region.

The America COMPETES Act could help expand the nation’s chip manufacturing industry – which has ties to Saratoga County.